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Sharm El-Sheikh’s Museum Prepares To Open With Shine

Preparing for its soft opening planned to take place earlier next year, Sharm El-Sheikh museum received on Saturday few antiquities pieces to be displayed, the Ministry of Antiquities stated in a press release.

Among the transferals, three giant pink granite pieces belong to the head of a statue that depicts the goddess Hathor, along with a huge red granite statue featuring a lion.

Mo’men Othman, the head of the Museum section at the Ministry of Antiquities said that the relics are being transferred among the displayed items of the museum, which are planned and finalised by the supreme committee of the scenario museum exhibition.

Othamn added that the antiquities are to be transferred based on their permanent on-display locations inside the museum, explaining that the pieces that were transferred are the ones showcased on the museum’s entrance.

The museum is the first and only antiquities museum in the beach city. It is planned to showcase the daily activities of the ancient Egyptians, where the relics represent different aspects of civilisations in each dynasty starting from the old kingdom.

It also includes relics presenting the ways ancient Egyptians dealt with wildlife, reflecting the relationships they had with animals and insects. Among the planned on-display relics are mummified animals and birds which were discovered throughout different eras.